1398. Albert9 Durand (Louis8, Norbert7, Joseph Ambroise6, Joseph5, Pierre4, Louis3, Louis2, Jean Durand1 dit Lafortune) was born in Lowell, Ma 1889. Albert died in Montreal, Que.

He married Levina Cote in Northbridge, Ma, 1909.

Albert Durand and Levina Cote had the following children:

child 2752 i. Marie Anna10 Durand was born in St. Michels Des Saintes [berth, Que 1910. She married Paul Lapointe in Montreal, Que, 1935. Paul was born in Montreal, Que.

child + 2753 ii. Yvonne Durand was born 1911.

child + 2754 iii. Aurore Durand was born 1912.

child + 2755 iv. Beatrice Durand was born 1913.

child + 2756 v. Alberte Durand was born 1914.

child 2757 vi. Bertrand Durand was born in St. Michels Des Saintes [berth, Que 1916. Bertrand died 10 Mar 1932 in St. Michels Des Saintes [berth, Que, at 15 years of age.

child + 2758 vii. Rejeanne Durand was born 1919.

child + 2759 viii. Rita Durand was born 1921.

child + 2760 ix. Simone Durand was born 1923.

child + 2761 x. Jean-Luc Durand was born 1925.

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