867. Hedwidge8 Durand (Felix7, Francois6, Joseph5, Pierre4, Louis3, Louis2, Jean Durand1 dit Lafortune) was born in St. Gabriel De Brandon, Que 1870. Hedwidge died 1939 in Sacramento, Ca, at 69 years of age.

Hedwidge Durand and Pierre Paquin had the following children:

child + 1692 i. Alfred9 Paquin.

child 1693 ii. Raymond Paquin was born in Faribault, Mn.

child 1694 iii. Peter Paquin was born in Faribault, Mn 1889.

child + 1695 iv. Gertrude Paquin was born 1891.

child + 1696 v. Victor Paquin was born 1892.

child + 1697 vi. Octave Paquin was born 1893.

child 1698 vii. Lauradila Paquin was born in Faribault, Mn 1897. She married Fred Sweeney in Faribault, Mn, 1918.

child + 1699 viii. Mary Paquin was born 1899.

child + 1700 ix. Eliza Paquin was born 1901.

child + 1701 x. Maxium Paquin was born 1903.

child + 1702 xi. Adelore Paquin was born 1905.

child 1703 xii. Hubert Paquin was born in Faribault, Mn 1907.

child + 1704 xiii. Lawrence Paquin was born 1909.

child + 1705 xiv. David Paquin was born 1910.

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