1347. Roch-Rock9 Durand (Joseph-Octave8, Norbert7, Joseph Ambroise6, Joseph5, Pierre4, Louis3, Louis2, Jean Durand1 dit Lafortune) was born 27 Jul 1867. Roch-Rock died 27 Sep 1938 in Duluth, Mn, at 71 years of age.

He married Philomene Gilliaume Lemoine 1887. Philomene was born in Stillwater, Mn 2 Apr 1869. Philomene was the daughter of LeMoine-Guyon and Philomene Laventure-Bonaventure. Philomene died 23 Sep 1957 in Duluth, Mn, at 88 years of age.

Roch-Rock Durand and Philomene Gilliaume Lemoine had the following children:

child 2634 i. Mary Ann Englie10 Durand was born in Polk County, Wi 17 Sep 1888. Mary died 13 Mar 1892 in Polk County, Wi, at 3 years of age.

child 2635 ii. Mary Alice Durand was born in Polk County, Wi 24 Feb 1890. Mary died 23 Mar 1892 in Polk County, Wi, at 2 years of age.

child + 2636 iii. Edward Joseph Durand was born 10 Nov 1891.

child 2637 iv. Stillborn Girl Durand was born 23 Mar 1893. Stillborn died 23 Mar 1893 in Polk County, Wi, at less than one year of age.

child + 2638 v. Amelia Durand was born Jul 1894.

child 2639 vi. Rosabel Durand was born Jul 1895.

child + 2640 vii. Maurice Joseph Durand was born Jan 1899.

child 2641 viii. Valerie Durand was born 1902. Valerie died 1967 in Duluth, Mn, at 65 years of age.

child 2642 ix. Marguerite Durand was born in Alborn, Mn 31 Aug 1903. Marguerite died 13 Feb 1978 in Duluth, Mn, at 74 years of age.

child + 2643 x. Francis Joseph Durand was born 5 Jun 1905.

child + 2644 xi. David Joseph Durand was born 1 Jul 1907.

child + 2645 xii. Henry Joseph Durand was born 1 Jul 1907.

child + 2646 xiii. Clement Alfred Joseph Durand was born 20 Dec 1910.

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