856. Joseph8 Durand (Pierre7, Francois6, Joseph5, Pierre4, Louis3, Louis2, Jean Durand1 dit Lafortune) was born in Maskinonge, Que 1863. Joseph died 1915 in Unknown Place, at 52 years of age.

At 18 years of age Joseph became the father of Lucy Durand 1881. At 21 years of age Joseph became the father of Frank Durand 1884. At 23 years of age Joseph became the father of Joseph Durand 1886.

Joseph Durand and Lucille Colette had the following children:

child 1635 i. Edward9 Durand. Edward died 1925 in Unknown Place.

child + 1636 ii. Eli Durand.

child + 1637 iii. Ernest Durand.

child + 1638 iv. Felix Durand.

child + 1639 v. Lucy Durand was born 1881.

child 1640 vi. Frank Durand was born 1884. Frank died 1954 in Unknown Place, at 70 years of age.

child + 1641 vii. Joseph Durand was born 1886.

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