Our Mission

The Durand Heritage Foundation was created to preserve the family and cultural heritage of Jean Durand dit La Fortune (1636-1671), the Durand Heritage Foundation researches and disseminates genealogical and other information about his ancestors and descendants through the voluntary efforts of its members.


Durand Heritage Foundation History

The Durand Heritage Foundation was established in 1998 by Mike Durand, who recognized that various family members were working in different areas of interest to discover and preserve the French-Canadian roots of the family history of Jean Durand. To facilitate these people working together he proposed that interested individuals form an organization to facilitate working together. Mike Durand also developed, edited and published the first newsletter in April 1998, the Durand Family Heritage & Foundation Newsletter. In that first newsletter, which he printed and mailed at his own expense, Mike announced an organizational meeting to be held that July in Burnett County, Wisconsin. In response to that mailing Mike received numerous expressions of interest and pledges of support, and although attendance at the July meeting was modest, people from Texas, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin attended. Those attending the meeting defined objectives, elected officers, and formed several committees.

Those who participated in the July meeting were:
Marilyn Durand, Marie Miller, Jeanne Sansovini, Mary Brusegard, Cecile Foley, Suzanne Durand, Mike Durand, James Miller, Roger Durand, Elizabeth Kinslow, Richard Durand, Susanne & Mathew Krasovich and Fred Foley.

Established in 1998, this website provides members and the public with access to information about the shared heritage of Jean Durand. DHF provides the information on this website in furtherance of its educational objectives.