• Minnesota & Wisconsin French Connection Roger Durand briefly discusses some of the French Canadian families from Canada who migrated to the Minnesota and Wisconsin region. Roger provides pictures along with an outstanding diagram to show some of the Durand family lineage.
  • This newsletter is packed with some great classical photos which many people have never seen before. A brief article is written by Mike Durand, about his grandparents Pierre and Marie Louise Durand. In his article, Were Pierre & Marie Durand really cousins?, the question is answered once and for all.
  • Napoleon & Louise Durand, Life, Love & Faith Amongst Trials and Tribulations Authored by Mike Durand, this article tells about the tragedy that this young couple experienced just prior to and also shortly after their marriage. It relates how they overcame these experiences, and lived a life of happiness and success, full of song and prayer despite the tragedies.
  • The Marriage of Lawrence and Ida Durand Ione Durand Brooks writes about the wedding day of her parents and how her mother later met an untimely death, leaving a family of five young children behind.
  • Fledgling Flight John Durand tells about his memories of his adolescence, overcoming polio, and working on the farm for his Uncle Lewie and Aunt Jenny. Cover Photo- Emile and Marie Louise Durand and family. Short narrative by Blanche Durand Hammer of her Grandparents and life recollections.
  • Lilacs In The Snow Virginia Durand James, relates a story of her parent's, Lewis and Jenny Durand, (cover photo) being married during the great depression and their life struggles and triumphs through these times as they began to raise their family.
  • Leo Phillip Durand Leo Phillip Durand (cover photo) is the feature story of this edition, written by his son Roger. This story relates in detail about his youth, marriage and joining the Army and the WWII campaign in France as well as the proud grandparents of a beautiful family today.
  • Benoni Durand and His Son Gerard Mary Ann Durand Balding wrote this feature story. Assisted by her husband Ronald and her sister Anita Oakey, they forwarded many many great classical photos and a great story for this edition.
  • If you ever think about the price of freedom, this edition is required reading. Al Dubois relates his WWII experiences as a Japanese prisoner of war and the Bataan Death March in his story, More Than My Life as recorded by Virginia Durand James
  • More Than My Life- Part Two Part Two completes Al Dubois story of being captured by the Japanese. Near death many times, he struggled to survive until he was finally liberated. The war ended with the Japanese surrender and he was going home after five long years.
    • The Felix and Anna Durand Story by Noella Durand Hage
    • How I Remember My Aunts and Uncles by Dianne Durand Zimmer
  • Memories of the Great Flu Epidemic By Elinore Becker Durand- Published posthumously. Elinore, describes the tragedy of losing he baby brother and two sisters to the great epidemic. Leaving just her and her father they somehow managed to continue with a deep sense of loss to live out the rest of their lives with devotion, prayer and thankfulness.
  • In 1948 I changed from Being a Girl to being a Boy Read about this amazing feat in "For What It's Worth" by John Durand
  • Joseph and Josephine (Durand) King This month's feature article by Mary Herzig sheds more light on two large families, including some ghostly light.
  • A Vision for the Future Board members share their views of what's working and what needs fixing. By Roger Durand, Secretary
  • Clint Skywalker: Skydiver, Pilot, Builds Tall stuff by Clint Hillis, as told to John Durand


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